You’re Not Alone – Hearing Loss is On the Rise

Many people with hearing loss often feel alone or isolated. However, that really shouldn’t be the case because you are not alone. Hearing loss is on the rise. The number of people with hearing loss in the U.S. is forecasted to almost double by 2060. It is currently the 3rd most common ailment for Americans behind arthritis and heart disease.

Hearing Loss Statistics

So what does all this mean? Many people seem to have a stigma about wearing hearing aids. However, with hearing loss on the rise and forecasted to double, that means 74 million people (or 23% of adults) will need them. Hearing aids will be almost as common as eye glasses. This information comes from a study published online last year by JAMA Otolaryngology -Head & Neck Surgery, Adele M. Foman, Ph.D., of John Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD and colleagues. They used U.S. population projection estimates to approximate the number of adults that would be expected to have hearing loss through 2060. The forecast is for a gradual increase from 44 million adults with hearing loss in 2020 (15%) to 74 million by 2060. The increase is predicted to be the greatest among older adults. Seniors 70 years or older with hearing loss will reach 55% by 2020 and that is predicted to increase to 67% by 2060.

Act Now to Prevent this from Becoming Your Future

We bring you this information to increase awareness of how important it is to protect your hearing and see your hearing care professional for regular hearing assessments. Once hearing loss occurs, it cannot be reversed, but it can be treated.

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