What to Do if Seasonal Allergies are Causing Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be another side effect of seasonal allergies. Although it is less common than the usual symptoms like sneezing, congestion, sinus pressure, and itchy eyes, hearing loss can happen as a result of an allergic reaction. The good news is that hearing loss caused by allergies is usually temporary. Even though it isn’t very common, it is good to learn about what to do if seasonal allergies are causing you hearing loss. Read on to find out how to treat it without causing any permanent damage.

How Do Allergies Cause Hearing Loss?

Before we learn how to treat hearing loss, it is important to understand how allergies cause it to . You may not realize it, but your ears are connected to your sinuses and throat. When you have an allergic reaction to something, your immune system releases histamine. This is what causes the allergy symptoms to begin. The buildup of congestion and mucus can cause the sinuses to swell which can block the sound waves that flow through to the tiny bones of your middle ear to help you hear..

Can Hearing Loss from Allergies Be Treated?

Fortunately, hearing loss is usually a temporary side effect to an allergic reaction and it can be treated. Over-the counter allergy medications (antihistamines) can be used to counteract it along with the other allergic symptoms you are experiencing. However; since they can have side effects, it is important to check with your pharmacist, physician, or allergist before taking any medications, even over-the-counter ones. If your symptoms persist and your hearing does not return to normal once the rest of the allergic reactions have gone away, call us right away to schedule an appointment to determine what is going on with your hearing.

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