Tips for “Summer” Vacationing with Hearing Aids

Summer is finally here which means beaches, sun-soaked vacations, barbecues, and more! We are just as excited as our patients about getting out and enjoying all that summer has to offer, but it’s important to remember that, just as we need protection from the elements, our hearing aids need a little protection too. The warm summer weather and all that it brings with it (heat, humidity and air conditioning) can wreak havoc on hearing aids. Not to worry; simple steps can be taken to prevent damage and ensure that you protect your hearing aid.

Here are a few tips on protecting your hearing aids during the summer season:

Keep Them Dry

Any exposure to water, humidity, condensation or perspiration can cause serious damage to hearing aids. As the days become warmer, it is especially important to avoid any accidental exposure to moisture. Using a hearing aid sweatband can help to protect them from “unavoidable” moisture.

Be Careful When Using Sunscreen

Sunscreen has oils in it that can be damaging to hearing aids. Take extra precaution when applying sunscreen oils or sprays.

Protect Them from Extreme Heat/Sunlight

Hearing aid batteries are especially sensitive to heat, and even small changes in temperature can affect their output. Make sure to store them in a cool, dry location. Also, to prevent the plastic coating on your hearing aids from melting, keep them out of direct sunlight, and when you are outside, wear a hat to shield them from the heat and sunlight or take them off periodically to cool down.

Remove Them When You Go Swimming or Take a Shower

Best practice is to remove your hearing aids before swimming or showering, however if you must wear them at these times then be sure you have the proper, quality waterproof hearing aid required. Knowing the difference can prolong the life of your devices. If you’re unsure whether your hearing aids are water-resistant or waterproof, check with a hearing specialist for clarification.

Use a Hearing Aid Dehumidifier Jar

Overnight, place hearing aids in a dehumidifier jar or electric dryer. This will assist with drying any remaining moisture trapped within the hearing aid throughout the day.

Keep Them Clean

Hearing aids tend to gather bacteria and other microbes more readily during the summer months. The use of antimicrobial wipes can be applied to the hearing aids every few days to help kill off infection causing microbes.

Use Clips to Keep Them Secure:

If you are going to be participating in an activity with lots of movement, we recommend you keep the hearing aids secure with a hearing aid clip. There are many simple accessories that are designed to attach hearing aids to glasses or clothing. That way if the devices do fall out of your ears, they won’t get too far.

Hearing aids are a significant investment, but with the proper care and maintenance, they can provide you better hearing for years to come. If you still have questions about taking care of your hearing aid(s) or need some hearing aid repairs, contact us at Hearing Solutions, Inc to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced hearing care professionals.

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