Tips on How to Learn Sign Language

Learning sign language is a great skill to have whether you are hard of hearing, have a friend or family member that is hard of hearing, or is even used for communicating with babies; before they can speak, they can sign. With the help of the Internet, learning sign language becomes much more attainable and even easy. This article features information about learning sign language both online and offline.

  • Take a Sign Language Class: Sign language classes are usually available through local schools or even community outreach programs. Depending on where you live, there might be a connections you can find from your hearing professional. In many cases, you can also find a private tutor, look for a qualified sign language tutor though.
  • Take an Online Sign Language Course: This is a great alternative to finding local classes to go to. Instead, you can still learn from a qualified individual on your own time. Some courses might be prerecorded with no feedback or interactions, and others might be live courses where you can interact with the instructors and get feedback on how you are doing with your sign language gestures. Some organizations for the deaf provide these online courses.
  • YouTube Videos: As we said, the help of the Internet and technology makes learning sign language easier than ever. You can actually find free videos on YouTube. The only drawback is that this lacks the feedback you would get from a teacher or tutor.
  • Read a Book: For some people, reading a book is the best way to learn. If you fall into this category, then reading a book on sign language is the perfect way for you to learn.
  • Watch DVD Tutorials: Pre-recorded DVD tutorials or lessons are available and you can buy or rent them. In some cases, they are also available to rent for free at your local library.
  • Use a Mobile App: Once again, technology comes in to save the day. There are mobile applications available for your smartphone or tablet that can teach you sign language. Of course, these apps also can help you out in a pinch and are especially handy when you are learning sign language and not yet proficient in all of the gestures. Some of the apps available are even free, others are paid apps.

Tips for Learning Sign Language

When it comes to learning sign language, there are some important things to remember that will help you become more proficient at communicating with your loved ones in this way. Here are 5 tips for learning sign language.

  1. Remember to practice often because sign language is something that can be forgotten if not used and practiced readily.
  2. When learning sign language, practice it in real life situations.
  3. Remember that there aren’t always signs for every word, some words must be spelled out.
  4. Facial expressions are a key part of sign language, they help convey what you mean.
  5. Start basic with the first 100 signs. Anything is easier and less daunting when you break it up into smaller segments.

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