Tips for Hearing at Family Functions and Parties

When you have hearing loss, family functions this time of the year can be intimidating. Don’t worry and don’t shy away from getting together with family and friends. We have tips for hearing at family functions and parties.

  1. Don’t hide your hearing loss. Your friends and family love you/ They will help you and understand. Let them know how to help you hear better even if it means asking them to repeat themselves.
  2. Plan ahead to get involved. Don’t let your hearing impairment keep you from participating in family events. Work with your family members ahead of time to plan activities for everyone.
  3. Keep it quiet. Turn off background noises and ask the host not to turn on the television or radio.
  4. Position yourself in the best place for you to hear. Sit where it is bright and in an area of the house away from any fans, air conditioning, heater, or other ambient noise sounds that may interfere with your hearing.
  5. Take a “hearing break”. Every once in a while, take a break away from the noise and talking to give your ears and your brain a rest. This will allow you to reset your hearing and prevents listening fatigue from setting in.

Hearing Aid Tips

If you are wearing hearing aids, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that you can hear everything at your family functions and parties.

  • Keep your batteries charged (for rechargeable hearing aid batteries) or carry a backup pair of batteries with you.
  • Make sure your hearing aid is clean before your event.
  • Review how to adjust the hearing aid settings for the type of environment you will be in.
  • If you are unsure about your hearing aids working properly, schedule an appointment to come in for a maintenance check up prior to your holiday party.

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