Myths and Facts about Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids

Hearing loss has become a very common disability for people to suffer from. We are seeing more and more people experiencing hearing loss – affecting people at younger ages. Hearing loss is no longer reserved as a disability for those who are simply aging. This unfortunate fact means that a lot of people are curious about hearing loss and hearing loss treatments. However, it is easy to get the myths and facts mixed up in regards to hearing loss and hearing aids. That’s why we have created a list debunking the top hearing loss myths so that you can get some clarity and a better understanding about hearing loss and hearing aids.


MYTH: My Doctor would have told me if I suffered from hearing loss during a check-up.

FACT: Unfortunately, this is false. Hearing loss can be caused by a number of things and general practice doctors may not be looking for the signs. This is why if you believe you have symptoms of hearing loss you should seek out the help of a certified hearing care professional such as an audiologist who is trained to diagnose and treat hearing loss.


MYTH: Hearing loss is often too severe to treat.

FACT: Hearing aid technology has come a very long way. Now most cases of hearing loss, even severe cases, are treatable. There are many different options for hearing aids and assistive listening devices; so before you give up on regaining your hearing have your hearing assessed by a certified hearing care professional.


MYTH: Hearing loss only affects those who have been exposed to loud noises.

FACT: While it is true that people who have repeat exposure to loud noises may be at higher risk of developing hearing loss, anyone can suffer from this disability. Hearing loss can be caused by illness, medication, genetics, and simply aging.


MYTH: If I have to wear hearing aids, everyone will know that I have hearing loss.

FACT: Several of the signs of untreated hearing loss, such as difficulty understanding conversations and frequently asking people to repeat themselves, will always be much more conspicuous than your hearing aids. Plus, there are several hearing aid models on the market today that are nearly invisible, so nobody will even notice you are wearing one.


MYTH: Buying a set of hearing aids online will save you time and money.

FACT: Although shopping online can save time and money for many consumer goods, this is not true when it comes to purchasing hearing aids. Hearing aids should be selected and properly fitted following a comprehensive hearing assessment by a licensed hearing healthcare professional.

Remember, one of the most important parts to treating hearing loss is early detection.

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