Lifespan of a Hearing Aid Explained

Similar to other electronic devices, hearing aids are advancing technologically at an extremely rapid rate, with fancy, new features and improved performance offered on all the top brands and models. Smaller size, wireless capabilities, increased comfort, and improved battery life, are just a few of the recent advancements in today’s modern hearing aids.

If you already are a hearing aid user, you have most likely asked yourself the following questions: “Do I need to consider an upgrade on my hearing aids?” If the answer is yes, then when exactly is it the right time to upgrade to new ones?”

Although there is no precise “expiration date” on a new set of hearing aids, the average lifespan is about 5 years, give or take a year or two. That being said, there are several important reasons to consider an upgrade – especially before your current hearing aid(s) stop performing reliably, or worse, just stop working completely.

Reason #1 – Your Hearing May Have Changed

Since most age-related hearing loss is degenerative, changes in hearing are to be expected from year to year, and your hearing may decline to the point where it’s beyond the range of your current hearing aids. Upgrading to a more advanced, powerful device or one with newer and more sophisticated capabilities can help compensate for these changes that will occur over time. That’s why it is recommended that you have your hearing checked annually by a hearing care professional and discuss any changes that would be beneficial to you by upgrading to newer technology.

Reason #2 – Lifestyle Changes:

A change in job or workplace environment, new living conditions such as a move from the suburbs to a city apartment, or more frequent involvement in outdoor activities and hobbies may require improved performance from your hearing aids. If you now find yourself spending more time in crowded places, larger rooms to attend classes, or increased phone usage for conference calls and meetings, you may be experiencing frustrations in your hearing ability due to the varied changes in your active lifestyle – it may be beneficial to upgrade your hearing aid(s).

Reason #3 – Advancements in Hearing Aid Technology:

The latest advancements in hearing aid technology give you more control over hearing aid settings and functionality than ever before. Listening preferences for specific environments such as a favorite coffee shop or a busy airport or train station can be saved and easily personalized. Changes in wireless technology allow for streaming audio directly from a phone or other device right to your hearing aids. Newer materials and finishes better protect the hearing aids from moisture, dirt and oil, which can greatly reduce the need for repairs.

If you have decided that now is the right time for an upgrade and you have begun your research, it’s important to understand the options, and which hearing aids will be the best for your unique needs. If you would like to speak with one of our hearing care professionals and learn more about available hearing aid options, contact us today and schedule an appointment.

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