Hearing Aid Travel Checklist

The summer travel season is upon us and that means preparing to travel with your hearing aids. It is important to keep your investment safe while you travel as well as ensuring that your hearing aids are working properly so that you can hear everything during your vacation. Here is our hearing aid travel checklist:

  • Bring extra batteries for your hearing aid.
  • If your hearing aid batteries or hearing aid itself needs to be charged, make sure to bring all of your charger cords and accessories. (Check the outlet conversion options if you are traveling out of the country.)
  • Bring a cleaning kit with you to keep your hearing aids clean and working optimally.
  • If you are traveling by plane, keep your hearing aids in throughout the airport and while on the plane so that you can hear all the necessary information. Even wirelessly connected hearing aids meet FAA regulations and are allowed on planes.
  • If you need to protect your ears when flying, do not use ear plugs, use ear muffs or noise canceling earphones.
  • Especially during summer travel when moisture and water are more prevalent, you should bring a dryer or dehumidifier for your hearing aids. Always let them air out when you aren’t wearing them.
  • Bring extra domes and wax guards.
  • If you bought a protective sleeve to protect your hearing aids from water, make sure to bring that with all of your hearing aid accessories and supplies.
  • Bring your Bluetooth or other connectivity devices that you use in conjunction with your hearing aids to connect to your mobile phone, television, or computer.
  • Consider a check-up with your hearing professional to make sure everything is in working order so you are ready to travel with your hearing aids and won’t miss a minute of your summer vacation fun.
  • Have fun and stay safe!


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