Finding the Right Hearing Aid for You

No single style or brand of hearing aid is appropriate for every type of hearing loss. Personal preference, degree of loss, manual dexterity and the areas that need improvement all influence your choice of hearing aid. Your lifestyle and activities also play a role.

What Type of Hearing Loss Do You Have?

Your hearing journey begins with a thorough assessment. Our professionals will identify what level and kind of hearing loss you have, and if it affects one or both ears. We will also discuss your hearing history – and in what situations you notice issues. Are you working in a noisy environment? We will ask you this and much more so we tailor the right plan to your needs.

Once we understand your areas of need, will can discuss tailored plans, which may include hearing aids.

Finding the Right Hearing Aid for You

Finding the Right Hearing Aid for YouComparing hearing aids can be complicated as there are many hearing aid styles to choose from. The hearing care professionals at Hearing Solutions, Inc have thoroughly researched the options and explain which solutions would meet your lifestyle and hearing loss need. We let you try on different models and styles to see what feels rights in your ears.

Some clinics offer multiple brands. Two similar style aids may feel very differently in your ears, make sure you test them out. You may have to try them for a few weeks to see how they feel (NOTE: some audiologists have a restocking fee if you return them, even within the initial trial period).

When researching hearing aids, be sure to consider these important points:

  • Think about your lifestyle and discuss this with your audiologist, including your work environment, family life, hobbies and social interactions should influence what style of aid you need – and how you can possibly adjust your hearing aid to optimize by environment (are you outdoors and want to minimize wind?).
  • Understand what features and add-ons are available with your model hearing aid. Some aids allow you to change program settings, bluetooth connectivity, and some will offer the basic necessities. Performance add-ons can make a huge difference in performance and quality of life, understanding your hearing aid is key!
  • Ask about warranties, as well as maintenance and replacement details. Consider:
    • How often would the hearing aids need professional maintenance
    • How long is the warranty?
    • Does the aid come with a manufacturer’s guarantee?
    • How much do any accessories cost – and how often would you need to replace them?
  • Lastly, make sure to find a hearing care provider that offers multiple brands and models. An audiology clinic that offers multiple options will allow you to find the right hearing aid for your needs.

When you hear well, it will be worth it!

The professionals at Hearing Solutions, Inc can help you select between the various kinds of aids and will discuss frankly the pros and cons for each style. For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals, contact us today.

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