Common Hearing Hazards to Avoid

Your hearing is precious, your ears are delicate, and once your hearing is gone, it can’t come back. That is why you should learn how to avoid these common hearing hazards. We will show you how.

5 Common Hearing Hazards

  1. Loud Noise: Noise-induced hearing loss is completely preventable, but it is still an increasing problem. Damage to hearing from noise can happen instantly with very loud noises or over time with loud noise you may not recognize is hurting your hearing. Read our blog post about noise-induced hearing loss and how to prevent it.
  2. Trauma / Damage: If you participate in sports, especially extreme sports, or outdoor adventures, protecting your ears should be just as important as wearing a helmet or any other protective gear. Getting hit in the ear can cause permanent hearing loss. Something as simple as a Q-tip can also cause damage to your ears. Never put anything inside your ears. Seek medical attention if you have any pain or experience sudden hearing loss.
  3. Blockage: Earwax can sometimes buildup and cause temporary hearing loss. If you feel that you have anything in your ear or experience pain or trouble hearing, contact us right away. Do not try to remove the earwax, it must be taken care of by a hearing care professional or doctor.
  4. Certain Medications: There are medications, even prescribed drugs that can cause hearing loss as a side effect. If you are taking medications and you experience hearing difficulty, contact your prescribing doctor first and then make an appointment for a hearing assessment.
  5. Not Having Your Hearing Checked: Most people who have hearing loss don’t recognize it because it happens slowly over time. That is one of the reasons that you should get regular hearing assessments after 50 years of age or any time you experience a problem with your hearing or your ears. When left untreated, hearing loss can get worse and there are side effects of hearing loss. In addition to being unable to hear properly, it affects communication, relationships, causes isolated feelings, can lead to depression, and has even been linked to dementia.

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