Preventing Hearing Loss in the Military

When our military veterans return from service, they often need help adjusting to civilian life. As you know, many have injuries or other difficulties that make it hard to get re-acclimated back into the groove of things. However, what you may not realize is that hearing loss is one of the most common health problems that affect veterans. According to the Veterans Administration, by 2014, over 933,000 veterans were receiving disability due to hearing loss. (Source) That doesn’t even include tinnitus, which is even more prevalent among veterans. In fact, the number skyrockets when you include a tinnitus diagnosis into the mix. Therefore, it is vital to bring awareness to the issue and for the military to start offering hearing protection for active soldiers.

Protecting the Ears of Our Soldiers

Soldiers who see active combat are more likely to experience hearing loss or tinnitus; but, even service men and women who don’t see combat are still at risk of damage to their ears because of the sounds from aircrafts, tanks, and other loud noises. Of course, ear protection and ear plugs have been available for a very long time; however they have not been utilized very much in the military because soldiers felt that it might dull their senses and put them in danger in the field of combat. As a result, the scientists, doctors, and even the military have all been actively participating in research to try to invent hearing protection that doesn’t interfere with the ability to hear as well as searching for cures and treatments for hearing loss.

The important thing to remember is that your ears should be protected against explosive sounds, but also when you are exposed to loud sounds (even if not explosions or gun fire) for an extended period of time.

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