Popular Gifts for People with Hearing Loss in 2018

The holidays are a time for giving. Take this opportunity to spoil your loved one with a gift that will help them cope with hearing loss better. Just as hearing aids are getting more high tech, so are the gifts that your hard of hearing friends and family will love. Here are some current popular gifts for people with hearing loss:

    1. Hearing Aid Compatible Headphones: There are headphones that are specifically made to connect with and work with hearing aids. They allow hearing aid users to connect to all types of media.
    2. Alternative Alarm Clocks for Hearing Loss: Traditional alarm clocks make sounds to help people wake up. However, it doesn’t help those with hearing loss. New technology has made this seemingly mundane task available for those who are hard of hearing. Alternative alarm clocks are now available in styles that either vibrate or shine a bright light when it’s time to wake up.
    3. Digital Doorbells: These devices are new on the market and were not necessarily made for those with hearing loss; however they work fabulously for just that. There are many different brands of digital doorbells on the market. They connect to a smartphone so that your loved one will be alerted on their phone if someone is at their door. These types of digital doorbells have extra security features as an extra bonus factor.
    4. Hearing Aid Decorations: Why hide hearing aids? One of the latest trends is to highlight hearing aids with decals, charms, covers, stickers, etc. Both kids and adults who like to show off some style will enjoy these unique gifts.
    5. Hearing Loss Jewelry: For something unique and different for the lady or girl in your life that likes jewelry, you can gift her with something to celebrate hearing loss rather than hiding it. There are necklace charms and pins that say “hard of hearing” or “I read lips”, etc. Another idea is charms with the hearing loss awareness symbol.
    6. Hearing Aids for Toys: The very popular American Girl Doll series has the option available to accessorize the doll with hearing aids. Build A Bear Workshop also has this awesome accessory to help little ones see that hearing aids are common accessories and that their toys can be just like them.
    7. Gift Card to the Audiologist: A gift card to the audiologist can be a great gift. Not only does it help with the expenses of hearing health, but is a great reminder to keep up with their necessary appointments.

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