Oticon HearingFitness™ App for Oticon Opn™

Oticon’s HearingFitness™ App for Oticon Opn™ hearing aids is revolutionizing the way that users take control of their hearing health. The app is a new kind of tool that is similar to an exercise tracker. It monitors fitness and analyzes hearing aid use, the different listening environments, and other behaviors so that it can calculate the impact of hearing on the user’s overall health. It then makes recommendations to help wearers get the most out of the Oticon Opn™ hearing aids.

CES 2018 Innovation Award Winner

The Oticon’s HearingFitness™ App was awarded the CES Innovation Award earlier this year. CES has the world’s leading consumer technology awards program. At its convention every year, they issue awards in different tech categories. Oticon has been developing cutting edge hearing aid technology for more than 20 years now and their innovations specifically work to help the brain make sense of sound so that people with a hearing impairment can engage socially and hear properly without becoming mentally fatigued. Their “brain first” approach to hearing aid technology is the driving force behind the HearingFitness™ App.

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