Online Hearing Tests: What You Need To Know

Whether or not you already have hearing loss, it is recommended you check your hearing regularly to stay on top of things and to note any changes in your hearing health. Although you should always get your hearing assessed by a hearing care professional, we wanted to discuss online hearing tests.

Not to be confused with an online hearing assessment, an online hearing test is another “preliminary” way to help you determine if you might have problems with your hearing. Online hearing test are becoming more sophisticated, offering ever more accurate results, but they cannot offer you a medical diagnosis, identify the root cause or type of hearing, or determine whether you need hearing aids. For this, you will need to consult with a hearing care professional.

What is an Online Hearing Assessment? >>>

How Does an Online Hearing Test Work?

Usually, with online hearing test, you are asked a number of questions prior to having to listen to varying tones. This often includes several personal questions in order to provide accurate and relevant results. Once completed, you can view the results and if necessary, you will be recommended to visit a hearing care professional.

When Should I Check For Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss can be subtle, and sometimes you may not even realize it. Often times, your family and friends will be the ones to notice that you have hearing loss.

You should get your hearing checked:

  • If you find that you have been turning up the volume on the television more frequently.
  • If you are old that you often speak too loudly.
  • If you often ask others to repeat themselves.
  • If during conversation, you frequently miss important words or sentences and / or are reluctant to respond.
  • When you find it necessary to watch people when they talk.
  • When you feel that you have to concentrate more when listening to people talk.
  • If you have buzzing or ringing sounds in your ears.
  • If you feel like you mumble often.
  • If when in noisy environments, you notice a difficulty to hear voices.

Remember, no matter what age you are, what career you work in or the environment in which you live, hearing loss can occur at any time. If you suspect any problems with your hearing, we recommend you consult with a hearing care professional.

Still Have Questions?

At Hearing Solutions, Inc., we are always here to answer your questions and provide feedback to your online hearing assessment. If you have taken our online hearing assessment and it notified you that you should come in for a visit, please contact us at Hearing Solutions, Inc. to schedule an appointment today.

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