What is an Online Hearing Assessment?

An online hearing assessment is a quick and easy 2 minute online questionnaire that we provide to help you determine if you are having any issues with hearing loss. While this online hearing screening does not replace an evaluation from a hearing professional, it is designed to help you determine if you should come in for an in-person hearing assessment with one of our hearing professionals.

Why Take an Online Hearing Assessment?

Our online hearing assessment  is a questionnaire that just takes two minutes. Answer questions relating to how you hear in everyday situations that will help identify any problem areas for you. Hearing loss is common and can be caused if you are exposed to loud noises or might be just something that happens with age. This quick questionnaire can help you determine if you are dealing with hearing loss and will let you know if you should come in for an evaluation with one of our hearing professionals. Some of the questions may surprise you and alert you to a potential problem with your hearing or ears. Taking two minutes to answer our questions might ease your mind or tell you that you need some help with your hearing. It might be earwax build up or hearing loss, we can help you determine that and offer solutions. Some of the questions on our online hearing screening include:

  • Are women and children with higher-pitched voices harder to hear than men’s deeper voices?
  • Can you hear your cell phone ring in your pocket?
  • Is it hard to follow the conversation when you are with a group of people?
  • Do people complain that you turn the radio or television volume too high?
  • Are others annoyed because you often misunderstand what they say?

Some of these questions might identify a hearing problem that you didn’t realize or recognize was there. Click here  to take our quick online hearing assessment now.

Hearing Solutions, Inc. Cutting Edge Hearing Loss Solutions

At Hearing Solutions, Inc., we are always here to answer your questions and provide feedback to your online hearing assessment. If you have taken our online hearing assessment and it notified you that you should come in for a visit, please contact us at Hearing Solutions, Inc. to schedule an appointment  today.

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