What You Need to Know about Wireless Hearing Aids

When you think about it, all hearing aids have always been “wireless” since there are no visible wires, cables, or cords. So what makes wireless hearing aids different now? It’s the new wireless technology that has improved how hearing aids work for you. In addition to improving how they work, wireless technology allows hearing aid wearers to access other technology that helps you stay connected with friends and family through the same modern tech means.

Benefits of Wireless Hearing Aids

As technology improves the same goes for hearing aid technology as well. Most people today rely on communication technology such as mobile phones, tablets, and other devices to stay connected to the rest of the world all day, every day. The new wireless hearing aid technology allows anyone who wears them to stay connected in the same way in ways that hearing aids of the past never could. However, the connectivity isn’t the only improvement offered through wireless hearing aids.

  • Sound Synchronicity: The wireless technology that allows your hearing aids to connect to other devices also allows them to connect to each other. It helps to improve the sound quality because it allows two hearing aids to work together as one system.
  • Binaural Hearing: Wireless hearing aids are equipped with localization technology that simulate binaural hearing. That is the ability to locate the source of sounds. Traditional hearing aids process sounds independently, but the localization technology helps your hearing aids work together when comparing timing and level differences for sounds.This maintains your natural localization cues.
  • Convenience: Wireless hearing aids come with features that add a lot of convenience. Volume can be adjusted in each ear or both with just the touch of a button. Plus, there are new smartphone applications coming out all the time that also offer one touch control over your hearing aids and can even track where they are if you misplaced them.
  • Connectivity: The connectivity to smartphones and other devices is one of the most attractive aspects of the upgrade. There are different types of wireless connectivity depending on the type of wireless hearing aids you decide on. The most common types of wireless technology are electromagnetic fields,frequency modulation, and Bluetooth.

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