How to Protect Your Hearing & Hearing Aids this Summer

Summer time is the fun time for family, friends, and outdoor activities. This can often bring about the need to protect your hearing from loud noises or protect your hearing aids from water and damage. Hearing Solutions, Inc. is here with answers for any situation that might come up this summer and will help you keep your hearing health.

Protecting Your Hearing During Summer Fun

Follow our tips to keep your hearing protected during summer activities that could put your hearing in danger if you aren’t careful.

  1. Protect your hearing with ear protection during loud events like concerts, fireworks, or sporting events.
  2. Protect your hearing if you are working around the house with power tools or even loud lawn mowers.
  3. Don’t mess with fireworks. Leave the fireworks shows to the professionals. Fireworks are explosives and are loud enough to damage your hearing permanently.
  4. Keep your headphones turned down. Headphones are used all year long (and this rule applies all year) but summer time seems to be a popular time for wearing earphones while traveling or relaxing on the beach. Keep the volume turned down and limit the time to listen to music in earphones to 60 minutes a day.
  5. Give your ears a break. If you are at a noisy event for a long time, walk away and give your ears a rest from the noise. Even if you wear hearing protection, give your ears an occasional break.
  6. Protect your ears when swimming.  Swimmer’s ear can happen if water gets trapped in the ear canal. The fluid can be a hotbed for bacteria and fungi which causes infection. If you know you are prone to swimmer’s ear, wearing ear plugs can prevent this from being a recurring problem.
  7. Make an appointment for a hearing check up. Come in a visit us this summer to have a hearing assessment and keep on top of your hearing health.

Hearing Aid Protection Tips

Your hearing aids are no doubt valuable to you. Make sure you get the most out of them and protect your investment with these tips for protecting your hearing aids during the summer.

  1. When traveling, bring your accessories with you. Whether you are going on a summer vacation or just heading out for the day, bring your case, cleaning kit, wipes, extra batteries and case with you.
  2. Dry off and clean your hearing aids each time you take them out. Use the soft cloth wipes recommended directed by your hearing professional.
  3. Keep extra batteries around.
  4. Give your hearing aids a break. If you have a long day, try to find some time, to take them out, clean them, and turn them off for a short break.
  5. Consider purchasing a dehumidifier or drying case to keep your hearing aids in at night.
  6. Read the instructions that came with your hearing aids and review what level if any of waterproofing protection they offer.
  7. Remember that both waterproof and water-resistant hearing aids cannot come into contact with any chemicals, this includes hair products and sunscreen.
  8. Schedule an appointment with our hearing professionals to make sure that your hearing aid is still the right one for you and is in optimal working condition.

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