How to Keep Your Hearing Aids Clean

Your hearing aids are a big investment, not just financially, but an investment in your hearing health. Keeping them clean ensures they are working properly, but also can extend the life of your hearing aids. They are delicate instruments of technology and need to be treated with care. The first step to keeping your hearing aids clean and in the best working condition is to follow all of the directions that come with them. Here are 10 more ways to keep your hearing aids clean and working optimally for you.

  1. Get the right cleaning kit that is made for your hearing aids.
  2. Keep extra filters and wax guards on hand and change them as directed.
  3. Always clean your hands before touching your hearing aids.
  4. When cleaning your hearing aids, put a soft towel or matt down in case they drop, they won’t be damaged.
  5. Hearing aids and water don’t mix. Only use a soft, dry cloth to clean them. Never use water or any type of cleaning fluids to clean your hearing aids.
  6. Pay close attention to all of the parts of your hearing aids. Make sure all of the pieces, tubing, and wires are in place. After removing any wax, dirt, or lint, make sure that the connections are solid.
  7. Your routine cleaning of your hearing aids should include the batteries as well.
  8. Keep your hearing aids in a safe, dry place whenever not wearing them. A dryer or dehumidifier can help keep them clean and dry; especially if you live in a humid environment and/or sweat often.
  9. Hair products often cause problems for hearing aids, so don’t wear them while styling your hair, putting product in your hair, or even while blow drying.
  10. Keep your regularly scheduled maintenance appointments with us so that we can make sure that your hearing aids are working properly.

If at any time you are having an issue with your hearing aids and are unsure about cleaning them, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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