How to Identify Hearing Loss

A common misconception about hearing loss is, “I would know if I had a hearing problem.”  In actuality, hearing loss is difficult to identify when it is affecting you. The reason for this is that there are no symptoms or pain involved in the process of hearing loss. What usually happens is friends or family will recognize the hearing loss before the person notices it. Read on to find out what is the process of identifying hearing loss and having your hearing evaluated.

“Symptoms” of Hearing Loss

Have you been turning up the volume on the television? Do you find yourself turning the volume louder than everyone else? Maybe you have trouble hearing certain people when they speak, or difficulty hearing in noisy environments. These are a few of the signs of hearing loss, but there are no actual “symptoms” or even pain involved in losing your hearing. That is why it is usually your loved ones that will recognize that you aren’t hearing them properly, or that you are asking them to repeat themselves often. If you see these “signs” of hearing loss, it may be time to schedule an appointment for a hearing evaluation.

What to Expect with a Hearing Evaluation?

There is also no pain involved in a hearing evaluation. It is a non-invasive simple process, and we will have you in and out of our office in about an hour. A visit to our clinic for a hearing evaluation will involve three steps, an interview where we discuss your medical history and current feelings about your hearing health, the evaluation itself, and then we will reveal the results to you and make recommendations based on the results.  It is important to understand that a hearing evaluation done by our hearing professionals or audiologist is a more in-depth assessment than a hearing test done at a primary doctor’s office or school. Learn more about what to expect from a hearing evaluation.

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At Hearing Solutions, Inc., we are always here to help you through all aspects of your hearing health. If you have any questions about hearing loss treatment options, hearing aids, or need help coping with hearing loss, please contact us at Hearing Solutions, Inc. to schedule an appointment  with one of our hearing professionals today. We have three convenient Northern Florida hearing loss clinic locations: Dowling Park, Live Oak, or Lake City.

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