Holiday Gift Ideas for Loved Ones with Hearing Loss

The holiday season is here again and if you have someone with hearing loss on your gift list, we have some great ideas for hearing impaired gifts for you. It’s the season of giving and your loved ones with hearing loss probably don’t even know all of the great gifts that are available to help them through their daily activities. Here are 5 great holiday gift ideas for loved ones with hearing loss.

  1. Digital Doorbells: There are a number of different digital doorbells on the market now. While they may not have specifically been designed for people with hearing loss, they actually work really well to help hearing impaired individuals know when someone is at the door. It even goes a step beyond that, the digital doorbells alert users on their phone that someone is at the door, plus, they allow for video chat so that the user can see who is at the door and then either read their lips or sign with them before letting them in. Digital doorbells definitely give a sense of security and independence to those who are hard of hearing who might be home alone when the doorbell rings.
  2. Noise Cancelling Headphones: This may sound contradictory for a person who is hard of hearing. However, the purpose of noise cancelling headphones is to help concentrate the sounds the user is trying to hear. This can help clarify and concentrate sounds, which helps people who are hard of hearing actually hear better.
  3. Alarm Clocks: Waking up can become a problem for those who are hard of hearing. There are different types of new alarm clocks that are specifically designed for people with hearing loss. The alarm clocks can either light up a bright light or vibrate.
  4. Hearables: These tech devices are exploding on the market. They aren’t necessarily designed for people with hearing loss. They are tech apps that have an in-ear device that is wireless and while enhance the listening experience for a number of different apps with a large variety of everything from music to games to fitness.
  5. Hearing Aid Accessories: There are a number of different types of hearing aid accessories that are designed mostly for kids, tweens and teens who wear hearing aids, but there’s no reason why adults who like some flair can’t wear them too. Accessories like stickers, charms, and brightly colored hearing aid pieces are fun ways to celebrate the individual who would rather show it off with pride rather than concealing the hearing device.

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There are definitely a wide variety of options for gifts you can give your loved one with hearing loss. Another idea is to give them a gift card for their audiology center so that they can take care of their hearing and maintenance. At Hearing Solutions, Inc., we are here to help you and your loved ones deal with hearing loss. The holidays can be a difficult time without the support and love of friends and family. If you or anyone you know is struggling with hearing loss during the holidays or anytime, please contact us at Hearing Solutions, Inc. to schedule an appointment.

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