Former Voice Contestant Doesn’t Let Hearing Loss Stop Him from Singing

Not many people know what they *really* want to be when they grow up. That wasn’t the case for Jonathan Hutcherson. Music has always been part of his life and his performance career began when he was 2 years old and sang “Victory in Jesus” at church. That was the same year he was diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss and began wearing hearing aids.

Jonathan Hutcherson says that music has always been in his bones since birth. His mother nurtured his love of singing and music. He started playing piano at 6 years old and taught himself how to play the guitar. He sang in his church choir throughout his entire childhood. He was always doing music and always loving it. Hearing loss never held him back from singing or enjoying music. At 15 years old, his mom sent him to music camp in Nashville where he learned performance skills. Just a year later, that experience came in handy when he was chosen to be on The Voice, where he competed on Team Pharrell. Even though he didn’t win the competition, it encouraged him to continue to chase his dream of singing.

A Voice for Hearing Aids

Hutcherson is a shining example of following your dreams and doing what you were born to do; but he is also a great example of how young people also wear hearing aids. The hearing aids he wears are the Oticon Opn, which are the first to connect to the internet via Bluetooth technology. These innovative hearing aids open up the soundscape and help users hear in more of a 360 degree environment. Hutcherson explains, “The connectivity was the biggest thing for me. The Opn, by far more than anything else I’ve ever seen or heard about or worn — are very connective and responsive.” Just like that, he becomes an ambassador for other people who want to stay connected to technology when wearing hearing aids. In 2017, he was honored with the Project CARE Resilience Award from the CARE Project. It is awarded to an individual who is an outstanding role model for young people with hearing loss.

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