Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Rid of Earwax

Most people are familiar with earwax, but many often have questions about cleaning one’s ears and removing this “yellowish waxy substance.” Earwax, also known as cerumen, does in fact help clean and protect your ears. For the most part, earwax naturally works its way out of the ear canal and into the ear opening. However, when earwax builds up in your ear, it can impact your hearing. In this blog, we discuss what you should and should not do when dealing with earwax removal.


  1. Do realize that earwax is perfectly normal, and as long as it doesn’t block the ear canal and/or hinder your hearing, it can be left as is.
  2. Do beware of the symptoms of earwax build-up. The symptoms include hearing loss, the feeling of ear fullness, tinnitus also known as “ringing in the ears”, and changes to hearing aid functionality such as distorted sounds, etc.
  3. Do get your hearing checked and your ears examined by a medical professional if you experience a change in your hearing ability, ringing or fullness in your ears, and/or ear pain. NOTE: There are other medical conditions that may exhibit symptoms similar to earwax build-up, such as ear infections. A medical professional should be able to rule these out if you experience any of the previously mentioned symptoms.
  4. Do discuss at-home remedies for earwax removal with a medical professional before attempting them; there are certain medical conditions that can make some at-home remedies unsafe.


  1. Don’t “overclean” your ears. Trying to clean your ears too much can cause irritation, can lead to an ear infection and can even cause an increase in earwax build-up.
  2. Don’t put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear, including bobby pins, keys, paper clips, etc. to clean or scratch your ears. These items can cause damage to your ear canal, which can lead to many other issues.
  3. Don’t use ear candles. A study showed that ear candling has no positive clinical effect, and it is associated with considerable risk. There is in fact no evidence that suggests that ear candling is an effective treatment for any condition.
  4. Don’t forget to clean your hearing aids as recommended by your hearing healthcare professional.

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