Are Earbuds Damaging Your Ears?

Listening to music and other entertainment through earbuds is quite popular; but do you know you could be doing damage your hearing? Many people use earbuds too long while raising the volume too loudly for long periods of time; this can be a problem for your hearing.

How Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Happens

A few months ago, we featured a story on our blog about how Hearing Loss is on the Rise, and Tricia Ashby, the Director of Audiology at the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) explained, “Noise exposure is a common cause of hearing loss.” Although not all noise-induced hearing loss is directly because of earbuds, it is still important to be aware of.

The problem is that when loud noise is so close to the ear, it can easily cause damage. Loud noises cause the fluid in your inner ear to vibrate and move which can damage the delicate hair cells that transmit signals to your brain, which then processes sound. The other problem with noise-induced hearing loss is that it happens gradually, so it is hard to correlate or realize that listening to music through earbuds too loudly is causing a problem for your hearing.

Preventing Hearing Damage from Earbuds

How can you listen to music or other entertainment through earbuds without damaging your ears? The World Health Organization recommends limiting headphone time to one hour per day and keep the volume around 60%, or 60 decibels. Professor specializing in audiology at Southern Illinois School of Medicine, Kathleen Campbell, says that over-ear or noise-canceling headphones are the best choice because they encourage people to listen at a lower volume. Think about your future the next time you decide to turn up the volume on your headphones, it could cause permanent hearing loss leaving you unable to hear music in the future.

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