5 Tips to Hear Better at Parties and Dinners

Hearing in noisy environments is especially challenging for those with hearing loss. The social impacts of hearing loss can make the fact that you are having trouble hearing even worse. With the holidays coming up, you can turn your trepidation into elation by following our 5 tips to hear better at parties, dinners, and in other noisy situations.

5 Tips to Hear Better at Parties & Dinners:

  1. Speak Up: Instead of going through a party or any special event without hearing, let your friends and family know about your hearing loss. Explain how situations like this with a lot of background noise make it difficult for you to hear and therefore makes it hard for you to engage them in conversation and enjoy your time together. You can let them know to speak directly to you and make them aware that you might have to ask them to repeat themselves.
  2. Minimize the Background Noises: Ask if it is possible to lower background noises, like music or television. This will probably help everyone when they don’t have to yell over the music. It also helps reduce the overall noise volume which can help you tremendously.
  3. Partner Up: If always asking “What?” is too much for you, pair up with a friend or relative who you can signal if you didn’t hear something that was said. They will know to repeat the last thing that was said to you. This way,you aren’t left out and you don’t have to actually ask “What?” again.
  4. Choose Your Seat Carefully: Depending on the type of event you are at, there are certain seating arrangements that can help your social game. If you are at a venue with speakers, ask to sit as far away from the speakers as possible. Similarly, if you are at a house party, sit away from the TV or music speakers. Try to sit further away from the kitchen or air conditioner that might be sources of excess noise. Also, if you choose to sit in an area with more lighting, you will be able to compensate for your hearing loss by being able to read lips and see facial expressions better.
  5. Less is More: While you may want to visit with everyone at your party or event, always remember that less is more. You can still visit with everyone, but try to do it with fewer people at a time. The fewer the people in a conversation, the easier it will be for you to follow and keep up with what everyone is saying when there are fewer people saying it.

Start Enjoying Parties Again!

You don’t have to miss out on family get togethers, parties and dinner celebrations. Especially with the holidays coming up, you want to be able to participate and enjoy all the festivities of the season. If you are concerned about your hearing loss and are having trouble hearing in noisy situations, please contact us at Hearing Solutions, Inc. to schedule an appointment. There are hearing aids with settings that help minimize background noise so that you can focus on conversations even in noisy settings like parties and dinners.

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