4 Ways Hearing Aids Can Improve Relationships

One of the unanticipated side effects of hearing loss is trouble communicating; and that can lead to problems in your relationships. Fortunately, hearing aids can improve relationships when you can hear properly and communications are restored. If you have a loved one who has yet to get hearing aids to help with their hearing loss, perhaps these 4 ways hearing aids can improve relationships will convince them to finally make that appointment for an audiology visit.

How Hearing Loss Impact Relationships

Statistics show that many people who need hearing aids don’t wear them. As few as one in four who have hearing loss wear the hearing aids that would help them (source). The ASHA Leader published a study where 35% of participants said that their relationship with their significant other suffered the most out of all relationships. A British Study shed some light on just how much hearing loss can impact relationships:

  • 44% said that relationships with their partner, friends, or family suffered because they can’t hear properly.
  • 34% lost touch with friends, and in some cases, had seen marriages fall apart due to communications breaking down because of hearing loss.
  • 69% said their hearing loss seriously hinders their ability to take part in everyday conversations with friends and family.
  • 52% of those surveyed said they feel left out and ignored in social situations.

Hearing Aids to the Relationship Rescue

As you can see, relationships clearly can suffer from the lack of communication that can happen when hearing loss is present. However, hearing aids can repair the problem and allow you to repair your relationship communication problems. Relationships are hard enough without hearing loss hindering you. Here are 4 ways hearing aids can improve relationships.

  1. Better Communication: Since communication is one of the main areas that suffers when one or both partners have hearing loss, the improved communications once hearing is restored in the number one way to help improve the relationship. Better communications means less arguments.
  2. Restored Independence: Even though partners are together through better or worse and sickness or health, it can be frustrating if the problem that one is having can be remedied. When hearing aids restore your hearing, you also get back your independence. Relationships improve when you don’t feel like you are being a burden and when frustrations about a fixable problem are resolved.
  3. Increased Intimacy: When a relationship is suffering from communications breakdown and other problems associated with the difficulties of a medical problem, intimacy becomes strained. When hearing aids restore communications and remove the other issues, intimacy becomes easier again. It especially helps when you can hear your significant other whisper in your ear.
  4. Social Situations Are Fun Again: Hearing loss often impacts social encounters because background noises make it impossible to hear. In other cases movies or even watching television had become a problem. Hearing aids that filter out background noises or connect to entertainment devices can help you hear in any situation and enjoy them all together again.

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