12 Things “New” Hearing Aids Can Do That “Old” Ones Can’t

Do you have hearing loss? If so, have you done anything to treat it? If you have ignored your hearing loss because you “don’t think it is that big a deal,” then we recommend reading up on the research linking untreated hearing loss to increased risk of falls, social isolation, dementia, higher medical costs and more.

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Have you avoided seeking help for your hearing loss or getting your hearing checked because you don’t want to have to wear hearing aids? If you think that hearing aids haven’t changed since the days that your “grandpa” wore his large brown pair, then we hope you continue reading this blog article and see just how far today’s hearing aids have come.

12 Things “New” Hearing Aids Can Do That “Old” Ones Can’t:

  1. Detect & Alert You If and When You Fall
  2. Stream Your TV’s Audio Directly Into Your Hearing Aid Device
  3. Translate Languages As They Are Spoken
  4. Monitor Your Brain Health
  5. Provide Clear and Natural Sound
  6. Transcribe Conversations To Text
  7. Help You Find Your Hearing Device If You Lose Them
  8. Provide Relief From Tinnitus
  9. Track You Physical Activity
  10. Allow You To Have Hands Free-Conversations On The Phone
  11. Improve Listening Experience in Noisy or Loud Places
  12. Discreet and Nearly Invisible to Others

NOTE: Not all hearing aid devices have all these features. So it’s important to discuss what features are best for you when choosing a hearing aid with your hearing care professional.

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