10 Tips to Enjoy Halloween with Hearing Loss

Just when you feel like certain holidays like Halloween won’t be the same with hearing loss, Hearing Solutions, Inc. is here to save the day. Trick or treating and celebrating Halloween doesn’t have to be a scary affair even if you have hearing loss. Here are our tips to enjoy Halloween with hearing loss.

  1. Make sure your costume fits properly. When you are first picking out your costume, make sure that it fits and won’t interfere with your hearing aids. Don’t choose something that will cover your ears and make it harder to hear. You also should make sure that it is easy to walk around and navigate in your costume. So costumes with long trains, big wings, or large headpieces will make it even harder to get around on Halloween.
  2. Try to find a costume without a mask. A full head mask will likely further muffle your hearing, so it isn’t a great idea. There are plenty of costume choices to choose from that use makeup, a hat, or don’t need a mask at all. If you do choose to wear a mask, make sure it is removable or just a face or eye mask that won’t cover your ears.
  3. Check your hearing aid batteries before going out. If you will be out all day or all night, then bring an extra pair of hearing aid batteries with you.
  4. Wear a badge that lets strangers know you are deaf or hard of hearing. Since you meet so many new people and encounter strangers on Halloween, you might consider wearing a badge to let others know that you might have trouble hearing them clearly.
  5. Determine your trick or treat route ahead of time. This way, you know that you will be familiar with your surroundings and will know the area. It is safer when you know where you are going and when other know where you will be too.
  6. Wear reflective clothing or stickers. Halloween costumes are generally dark and black. If you can’t find a brightly colored costume to wear, then you should put reflective stickers on your costume so that you will be seen while trick or treating and crossing the streets, etc.
  7. Carry a flashlight. Even if you have reflective stickers or clothing, you still need light to make it work and be seen. A flashlight also helps you to see where you are going.
  8. Go trick or treating with a group. Make sure that all the kids are instructed to stay together in a group and the supervising adults should not get too far away from the kids.
  9. Dress up as a famous deaf person. Why not celebrate hearing loss? Dress up as a famous person who has hearing loss.
  10. Follow our tips to hear better at dinners and parties. Last month, we shared with you some tips to hear better and dinners and parties. You can put these tips to use at a Halloween party.

Halloween Doesn’t Have to Be Scary because of Hearing Loss

Whether you are a child or an adult this Halloween, our tips for enjoying Halloween with hearing loss can apply to everyone. After familiarizing yourself with our tips, you will be able to celebrate Halloween trick or treating or at a party.  If you are concerned about your hearing loss affecting your enjoyment of the holidays, please contact us at Hearing Solutions, Inc. to schedule an appointment. We are here to help you through life with hearing loss.

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