10 Things NOT to do with your Hearing Device

Once you have received and been fitted with your hearing device, there are certain things you should never do in order to keep them safe and in good working condition. After all, your hearing aids might be one of the most important and expensive devices you have; you definitely want to keep them in the best possible working condition as well as keeping your ears safe. Follow these directions to learn about things not to do with your hearing device.

  1. Do not get it wet. Take it off before swimming, showering, or bathing. If the weather is extreme, store it in the case.
  2. Keep out of extreme hot or cold temperatures.This includes not leaving it in the car, or putting it in a cooler or refrigerator.
  3. Don’t sleep in your hearing aid unless your hearing care provider has discussed the pros and cons with you.
  4. Do not use any tools on your hearing device except those that came with it.
  5. Do not attempt to repair your hearing aid. It may seem easy to take apart, but is very difficult to put back together correctly.
  6. Do not store your hearing device with the battery in it for extended periods of time. The battery can corrode and ruin the device.
  7. Do not store it in anything other than the case it came in. Putting it in your pocket for safe keeping isn’t actually safe for your hearing aid.
  8. Do not use perfumes, hairspray or other hair products while wearing your hearing device.
  9. Don’t wear your hearing aid while using a hair dryer or at the salon or barber shop.
  10. Don’t let ear wax build up and get on your hearing device.

Protect Your Investment

Our last “don’t” would be don’t hesitate to contact us at Hearing Solutions, Inc. if you have any questions about your hearing aid device. Any time you are wondering about what to do or not to do with your hearing device, we recommend that you ask before acting. Protect your investment as well as your hearing. Make sure to treat it with care and if you have any doubt about how to care for your hearing device, just ask us.

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